Управление на звуковите сигнали
The Управление на звуковите сигнали window is where you control the various audio alerts for the software. It is accessed from the right click options on the header of the Главен Информационен Бар. In total there are eleven alerts

  • Когато пазарът е прекъснат

  • Когато пазарът е пуснат на живо

  • Когато е показана грешка в залога

  • 5 timer alerts

  • 3 Bet match alerts

Управление на звуковите сигнали Window with right click options

Switch Alerts On & Off
In order to turn off an alert you click on the Stop/Go button. When an alert is turned off the Stop/Go button will say ‘Go’, the alert will be shaded red, the drop down menus will be greyed out and the test button will not display, as shown above.

Changing the Alert Audio File
Click on the Browse button and then select the file on your computer that you wish to use. The location and name of the current sound file can be seen to the right of the Browse button. To test what the audio alert sounds like you click on the Test button. {NB. It should be noted that only .wav files can be used.}

Timer Alerts
The timer alerts can be set relative to the Betfair supplied market start time.

To change the time of an alert you use the drop down menus. As shown in the above image it is possible to set alerts to go off after the scheduled start time as well as before.