Layout and Settings
The layout of the application has been designed to make it very easy to use. Throughout it has been made to replicate the layout used by Betfair.

However, there are many enhancements and options that allow the user to customise the software to their specific needs and style. To alter the layout options of the various windows you simply right click over the window header and adjust the options to achieve your desired layout. The application will remember all of the settings that were in place when the application was shutdown. Therefore, when started up again you can just carry on from where you left off.

Whenever the application is shutdown it will remember the position you last had the various windows open in and when the windows are next opened it will open the windows in exactly the same position. This therefore removes the need to reposition windows each time the windows or the application is loaded.

Opening the Ladder Interface
When first installed, opening a market from the Market Navigator will show the grid interface. If you right click on the header of the grid, and select “Show Ladder” the ladder interface will appear.
To change the default interface shown when opening a market, right click on the header of the “Market Navigator” window and select an option from the “Default Market Open” menu.

How Many Ladders Would You Like?
When first using the application, you will be presented with 3 ladders in the Ladder interface. One of the many innovative additions is the ability to have as many as 60 ladders per market. Up to 20 ladders can be displayed on each row and a total of three rows can be displayed, thus giving an unrivalled overview of the market. You are only limited by your screen space.
To configure the number of ladders you require select “Ladder Layout”, “Max Columns” or “Ladder Layout”, “Max Rows” from the Ladder menu.

Introducing the 3 Column Ladder
One of the many innovative features is the ability to narrow down each individual ladder to just 3 columns, as shown below. This therefore saves valuable screen space, which in turn means more ladders can be fitted on your screen.

Ladder interface showing 3 column Ladder

As can be seen in the image above, rather than having separate unmatched bet columns, the unmatched bets are displayed in the price column. There is a £10 unmatched Back bet on the first selection at 5.1 and a £10 unmatched Lay bet at 4.2. For more information about the various Ladder settings please refer to the Ladder Help Section.

Standard Layouts
The application has one of the most customisable Ladder interfaces in use today. To save time, some template layouts have been provided. These layouts can be accessed by selecting “Standard Layouts” from the Ladder menu.

In order to make the transition to the application as easy as possible, some of the layouts replicate other commercially available applications.

  • Bet Raider

  • Bet Raider Nickolution

  • Bet Devil

  • BetDevil Reverse