Market & API Status
The Market & API Status window displays the status of both the market loaded and the API and also shows the market overround.

Market & API Status showing last API call response time.

API Info
The number of API calls made in the last second will constantly be changing as new calls are made. In order to avoid Betfair Data Charges your total number of calls made per second must be 20 or below. This includes calls being made via the Betfair website or any other application. For more information about controlling the number of API calls being made by The Toy you should refer to the API Settings Manager section in Control Help.

In order to be alerted to the API running slow or some other connection issue causing calls to take longer to return than they should, the application warns of any call taking longer to respond than the API Error Threshold. {NB This value can be set by a menu option.} If the API Error Threshold is set to 1,000ms any API call taking longer than 1,000ms will be highlighted red as shown in the image below.

Market & API Status window showing an outstanding API Call

The first part of the number shows the total number of API calls that are over the API Error Threshold. In the image above there is one call over the API Error Threshold. The second part of the number displays how long the call has taken, in the image above the outstanding call has been waiting over 5 seconds and still hasn’t returned.

{NB Due to the way the application sends out API calls, even though a single call is delayed, it does not necessarily mean you will notice any problems in the running of the application. This is because the application sends parallel calls to the API for the same information. For more information see section MPC in the API Settings Manager control help.}

Generally speaking, if the number of overdue calls is 3 or more, you are experiencing connection or API issues.

Market Clock
Depending on the market status the appearance of the clock area will change:

  • Before the market’s scheduled start time - grey background with blue numbers counting down

  • After the market’s scheduled start time but before the event start - grey background with red numbers counting backwards

  • Suspended market

  • In play market when the actual time the market was turned in play is known - green background, black numbers, counting up

  • In play market when the actual time the market was turned in play is unknown - an estimation is made based upon the scheduled start time, green background, black numbers with stars either side, counting up

  • Closed market

  • API refresh stopped

Market Hedged Position
If you have an open position in the market, this shows the hedged profit or loss for the entire market based upon hedging out at current prices. If you have an open {not hedged} position, this will show as a green or red background with white text. Clicking on this will Hedge the entire market. If you have a closed {hedged} position, this will show as either green or red text on a white background.

Menu Options
By right clicking on the header of the window the following menu options are displayed:

  • API Refresh - turns refreshing on/off across the whole application, it can also be achieved by double clicking in the Countdown clock area

  • Show Book - turns the overround display on/off

  • Show API Info - turns on/off the API Info

  • API Error Threshold - sets in milliseconds between 500 and 2,000 the threshold for displaying overdue API calls

  • Bet Error Display - Sets whether bet submission errors are displayed in Message Boxes or This Window.

  • Retain error messages for.. - If Bet Error Display above is set to This Window, this is the number of seconds that the message shall display for.