Multi Market Trading
One of the many innovative features of the application is the ability to display more than one market at a time. It is possible for example to display both the Win market and Place market for an individual Horse Race simultaneously, as shown below. There is no limit to the number of markets that can be loaded at the same time.

Both the Win and Place Market for a Horse Racing market being displayed at the same time

The method through which to load the additional markets varies slightly depending on which part of the application you are using. Therefore, you should refer to the help section for the specific window for further information about loading additional markets.

The market that is active is the market that the mouse is currently over. The description of the active market will also be displayed in the header of the Main Info Bar. In the above image it can be seen that the Main Info Bar is displaying in its header ’14:10 Goodwood – To Be Placed’ therefore showing the Place market is the active market.

API Calls for Multiple Markets
When more than one market is loaded at a time how the data calls are made for the additional markets is different to how they are made for the active market. The active market has data call priority over the additional markets loaded which use the spare data call capacity. For further information about how the data calls are made when more than one market is loaded please refer to the API Settings Manager help section.