Shortcut Key Manager
There are default keyboard shortcuts built in to allow you to use the keyboard to perform various actions when using the application. The shortcuts are categorised in the manager as dealing with either OddsControl or LadderAndStakes which is the category shown in the picture.

Window showing the list of actions and assigned shortcuts

Customising the shortcuts
To assign your own choices of keyboard shortcuts, select the required action and the entry in the text box at the bottom will be automatically highlighted. You can replace the entry that is already there by typing in your chosen shortcut in the same way you intend to use it, the application will automatically detect if you have pressed the SHIFT, CTRL or ALT keys (or combinations of them). You do not need to save any changes.

If your chosen shortcut is already assigned to another action you will receive a warning that there is a conflict, to avoid this conflict you will need to assign another shortcut key to the conflicting action. This will free up the intended shortcut and allow you to make your change.

Window showing the conflict warning when assigning a shortcut already in use

In the picture above the application shows the result of trying to assign the C key to the Cancel All Bets action as this key is already assigned to the Cancel All Back Bets action. To achieve the desired result the Cancel All Back Bets action would need to have its shortcut reassigned to an unused key (or key combination) such as ALT+C.

At any time you may change the shortcuts back to their default settings by clicking on Restore Defaults.