The OCO (Order Cancels Order) Interface allows you to input an Entrada, Salir, and Parar bet.

When an Entrada bet is fully matched, the OCO tool will place an Salir bet, plus a conditional pending Parar bet.

The Entrada bet stake will bet set using the entry stake box value

The Salir, and Parar bet stakes will depend on if the Compensar check box is checked or not. If Compensar is left unchecked, then Both the Salir and Parar bets will use the same stake as the Entrada bet. If Compensar is checked, then these will be hedged bets.

When an OCO conditional pending Parar bet is triggered, the Salir bet is cancelled. When an Salir bet is fully matched, then the conditional bet is cancelled. When an Salir bet is partially matched, then the conditional pending Parar bet stake is adjusted accordingly.

Important Note: As this tool has a Parar attached to initial bet, you should not use this in conjunction with the Global Detener Perdidas. Make sure the Global Detener Perdidas is inactive when using.