Wykres rynku
The Wykres rynku shows an overall long-term historical view of the market based upon last traded price. This enables you to see at a glance the price history for either the entire market, or just those selections you specify. By default the Wykres rynku is switched off. You can enable by selecting Wykres rynku from the Główne menu. To switch whether a selection displays on the graph, click on its name in the legend. To change the colour of a selection, click on its colour in the legend.

By right clicking anywhere in the window it brings up the various options for the Wykres rynku.

  • Legenda - Various settings for configuring the Legenda.

    • Lokalizacja - Allows you to change the location of the Legenda relative to the graph to either Lewy, Prawy, Gora, Spod or Wylaczony. {NB When the Legenda is off, runner configuration can be altered via additional options in the right click menu.}

    • Kierunek sortowania - When you first open the market, the runners are sorted by last traded price. Changing this value will determine the display order in the Legenda.

    • Rozmiar czcionki - The font size of the selection names.

    • Kolor tla - Sets the background colour of the Legenda.

    • Kolor tekstu - Sets the text colour of the Legenda.

  • Zakres wykresu (sekundy) - Sets the time period in seconds that you wish the chart to cover.

  • Częstotliwość próbkowanie (Sekundy) - Sets the rate at which the chart is updated. By default this is 1 second, which is adequate for most set-ups.
  • Warning: The charts are very processor intensive. Should you turn the refresh rate up too much on some lower spec systems, this may impact application responsiveness.

  • automatyczne zmniejszanie - When checked this will cause the graphs Y Axis to auto shrink to the information contained within.

  • Schemat koloru - Allows you to set the chart to a factory set colour scheme.

  • Tło wykresu - Allows you to set the colours & gradient for the chart background.

  • Tło zewnętrzne - Should your Price Labels be outside of the graph, this allows you to set the colours & gradient for the labels background.

  • Siatka Pozioma - Options for the Y Axis grid lines

    • Kolor - Grid line colour.

    • Maksimum linii - Maximum grid lines to show on the graph.

    • Typ linii - Wylaczony, Jasna kreska ??, intesywny, Staly.

  • Etykiety - Options for the Y-Axis Labels

    • Kolor - Label text colour.

    • Lokalizacja - Which side of the chart the labels display. Wylaczony, Lewy, Prawy or Obydwa.

    • Rozmiar czcionki - The font size of the labels.

    • Styl czcionki - Wytłuszczony / Normalny / kursywa

    • Etykiety wewnątrz - Set whether the labels display inside or outside the graph.

  • Grubość linii - The thickness in pixels of the selection lines on the chart.

  • Pokaz gore… - Show only the top n selections in the chart. As well as adjusting the current market, when set future markets will open based on this setting.

  • Various Runners / Selections - When the legend is switched off, the selections will appear in the menu allowing you to set its colour / activity on the graph.